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Let's get you comfortable and acquainted!  Our hair journey begins when you book your appointment online by clicking the button below.  If you need any assistance with this step, hop on over to the "get booked!" page and fill out the form and I'll be able to assist you.

I'll greet you as you arrive for your appointment and guide you through the rest of the process. My goal is always for my guests to feel comfortable and confident in the path chosen to get to your dream destination, because of this, every new guest service begins with a consultation for the current session and any future sessions needed to achieve your goal.

All color formulations are custom blended by me and recorded for future reference.  Once the magic has begun, you'll have the option to partake in any of our many amenities at the salon while you enjoy a little you time.

Upon wrapping up your service I am always sure to educate you in any styling and product needs so you can beautifully and confidently walk out the door with many tips and tricks tucked in your back pocket...but not before I snap a few pics of your beautiful locks!

I always recommend pre-booking your appointment to ensure you get your ideal time slot if you are someone that knows your schedule in advance.  I will guide you on the ideal timeline of that.  

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